Change, Perfection, Positivity

Change happens all the time. As someone who suffers from Asperger syndrome, I can tell you that change to routines and patterns, stepping outside of my comfort zone, has never been easy. Change, especially when it occurs outside of my control, sends my mind spiraling, and I feel trepidation.

But change can lead to benefits. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been making efforts to cut back on social media time, but I’m also seeking to change my online habits, too. During the COVID shutdown I spent more time online, especially Twitter. I did get the word out about my work more and made some new connections, but now the hashtags I followed haven’t helped with book sales. The same’s been happening with tweets asking for book recommendations. These habits and the time spent on them and other sites feel more like a hindrance. To counter them, I’ve tried walking more, and for that, I’m glad.

With most sites, I’ve gotten down to generally 1-2 logins per day. Nevertheless, that is also something that could change in the future. Sometimes, I’ve found myself going up again if I need to do something specific, like website maintenance. I’ve felt if I can limit myself with those moments, I’m fine.

Nevertheless, the temptation is still there, and it can eat time. Plus, I’m aware these efforts could turn into new patterns that could become just as constrictive and worrisome. I need to curb the scrolling, searching, and that addictive, time-eating cycle that can result, but simultaneously, I also shouldn’t try to control everything, because anxiety always comes from not being perfect. It’s been said that with reviews, quantity over quality. With online time and content, it’s the opposite. Now I need to put it into practice.

Likewise, I’ve tried getting back into the writing routine I’ve mentioned before. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and other times I do not get the word count I’d like, but I need to remind myself that progress is progress, no matter how small. I need to see the fun in writing again, as author Nour Zikra put it. This year, I hope to be more positive about my writing, my online/social media time, my habits, and, most of all, myself.

I realized through prayer that I need to think more positively. Then, at the beginning of Advent, when I was feeling low and anxious again, after an earnest prayer to God, I opened my copy of the Bible without any specific section in mind. It opened to Psalm 77, and as I read it, I knew my prayer had been answered. Even if you’re not Christian or religious, I hope you too will remember all the good that’s been in your life when distressed. If I need to make changes to meet new circumstances, I will have to do so.

P.S. Enjoy these videos of my readings from last year’s open mics!


43 thoughts on “Change, Perfection, Positivity

  1. It’s good that you’re so positive at the beginning of the year, Andrew. I can understand your problems with the time-waster that is Social Media. I find I get sucked in when I check my emails. So many people posting interesting blog posts!
    Keep feeling positive, and you’ll get a lot of writing done.

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  2. Andrew, what is that rattling in the December video? I don’t know how that doesn’t drive you crazy! So distracting :[ I couldn’t even finish the video because I couldn’t focus on what you were saying. I do know, though, that I’ve grown to have great admiration for you. You are quick to seek God and embrace His purpose for your life. You have so much trust. It’s beautiful.

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  3. Love what you said about how anxiety comes from not being perfect. Amen to that! Yes, I’ve decided to back off from certain ‘obligations’ of being an author, and choose to spend more time writing fresh content, and helping others achieve there goals. Cheers for a great post, Andrew! Happy New Year, my friend!

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  4. Hi Andrew, I spent time blogging as I love this community and have a lot of good virtual friends here in the blogosphere. I visit FB as I also keep up with friends, family and authors there. I’m not a big twitter fan but I do have a presence there. I enjoy my YouTube Channel but I only post videos when I feel like it. I limit my time on social media as I have a full time job, a family, and I must also find time to write. I see blogging (reading and commenting) as my ‘me’ time.

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  5. I canceled my Twitter account a couple of months ago after coming to the same conclusion you did. I much prefer to engage on blogs, which recommend books to read I normally wouldn’t and inspire me to write in ways I never would have thought of. I consider it time well-spent.

    I loved your first reading in particular. My dad would have so appreciated it.

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  6. I posted earlier but it didn’t post..
    I Love this Andrew ♥️
    Changes are hard for all of us
    I love your attitude and thoughts on it all
    Psalm 77 reference is the best
    Setting goals is wise and you’ll have a great year 😊
    One moment at a time

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  7. It’s a new year and change is good as it is a way to renew one’s inner self. Do what is good for you, Andrew. I decided to opt out of my involvement with Go Dog Go Cafe. It was too much on my plate and becoming lackluster for me. I felt it was time to move on.

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  8. It is tough to find a balance Andrew and change is difficult for most people, particularly these days. Being an author does require some online presence as that is where our readership gathers but I found belonging to specific book related groups for example on Facebook and developing long term connections with other authors the most effective. You do an amazing job of promoting other authors and I am grateful for your support for my blog. Sally

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  9. Hi Andrew!
    Great blog post!!

    Maybe some new writing resources would help you keep the writing going:

    They have free courses and there are some writing prompts🤞🤞 best way for me to stay offline is to actually print the best resources that could help stay focused.

    Goodluck and you can always tweet me if you need anything!

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