More Stuff Happening

Yes. Even more stuff has happened since last month. First off, the online magazine Words of the Lamb has published not only my micro memoir / testimony but also three of my poems:

God’s Presence on 5/1/2022

See the Rainbow

The North Star

The Flame Tree

Many thanks to Sally Cronin for once again featuring me on her blog:

Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives 2023 #Potluck – #Writing #Spotlight by Andrew McDowell

And to Lisa V. Proulx for a wonderful interview:

Author Interviews

During the last week of April, I chose to take a hiatus from most of my social media sites. Despite all my efforts to cut back on how many times I logged in, I was still feeling anxious and stressed about them. I feel now that it was because it wasn’t only time I should’ve been focusing on, but my actual activities/habits on them as well.

I’ve watched a lot of TED talks lately, including on social media, and some of the speakers discussed something known as FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Some of my shares/posts/tweets online were kind of like that; they had become more of a compulsive obligation. That is something I will need to change.

So, I’m once again examining and reconsidering my social media habits and how I can make them feel more productive and positive. For the time being, I do not think I will be as active as I was before. It’s also in the back of my mind that I might eventually quit a couple of social media sites, but that hasn’t been decided yet.


33 thoughts on “More Stuff Happening

  1. Thanks for sharing the link for your post Andrew. I stepped back from several sites a few years ago and really only focus on Twitter and one group on Facebook that I am a moderator on. I have a Linkedin account from back when I was working in a business environment, but only because more and more authors are using it. You generally share a lot of my posts which I do appreciate but just happy to see when you have time. x

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    • You’re welcome, Sally. Thank you for understanding.

      I joined Twitter, and Tumblr, only because WordPress could share links to them. Tumblr would probably be the first to go if any, as I don’t have a lot of followers and interaction compared to others.

      Twitter definitely felt like a time-eater, and though I have a lot of followers, sometimes it feels like the pool is too big.

      I was on Facebook first to connect with friends and family. I joined LinkedIn after a session in college about transitioning to the professional world.

      It’s all a lot to consider. Hopefully I’ll figure it out.

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  2. Congratulations, Andrew! Great to see your work being showcased. As to social media, it is very much the addiction of the 21st Century. Have you seen the documentary The Social Dilemma?

    I try my hardest to go social media at a certain time during the day, to stop me for “binging” through it. It messes with our focus, concentration and never leaves us feeling happy and fulfilled once we come off it.

    It has its uses but taking time away from it or reducing our time on it can make a big difference. but that FOMO is a strong one!

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    • Thanks, Ari. I’ve never heard of that documentary. I’ll have to look it up.

      I know exactly what you mean about social media messing up focus and causing a feeling of unfulfillment. It happened to me when I tried restricting it.

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      • The Social Dilemma is on Netflix, I spotted it recently and then rewatched it (embarrassingly, I kept messing on my phone while watching it!) I need to work on that

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      • Yes, it’s actually a good documentary, especially as the people in it are those who have first-hand knowledge from what these social media platforms do and how they themselves made them more addictive without considering the consequences.

        I am trying so hard to learn to keep my phone away or on do not disturb a lot more.

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