It’s a new year! I’ve always found it remarkable how time flies, especially when we’re not really paying attention to it. It’s only when we’re constantly noting it that everything is going extremely slow. But more importantly, reflecting on times past helps one see just how far one’s come, and to prepare for the future, which I think everyone can agree is on people’s minds right now, with the notion of New Year’s Resolutions. Ever since I took my writing seriously, there have been resolutions related to writing every year.

I started my website over four years ago. There’s been a lot of trial and error in building and designing my website, and those of you who’ve been loyal followers, thank you for your support. Thanks also to those who have read and reviewed Mystical Greenwood. Over this time, I’ve been fixing a number of grammatical errors, but as frustrating as it has been, I’ve learned from them—not only new things about language that have helped make me a better writer, but that no one and nothing will ever be truly perfect—not even writers and their work. I’ve come to accept that, and people have for the most part been understanding and kind. The majority of reviewers so far have enjoyed it and written favorably about it. Plus, the book was a finalist in a contest!

This past year I didn’t plan that many public appearances and book signings. I made a few, but not throughout the entire year, and the year before some didn’t draw large crowds due to a lack of planning. But others did. Perhaps my most successful was my discussion on the importance of names. This year I know I’m going to have to do more of them in order to spread the word and get more readers and reviews. To start off, in a few weeks I’ll be signing copies of Mystical Greenwood at an indoor yard sale at Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church. I’ll giving my aforementioned discussion on names once again at the end of February, this time for the Baltimore chapter of the MWA. I also hope that I will be able to sign and sell copies of my book at the 2020 Maryland Writers’ Conference at the end of March!

And of course, there are online appearances—I have in the past couple of years made several guest appearances on other blogs and a podcast, and I’m always looking for more opportunities. Anyone who would like for me to be a guest speaker or blogger can always reach me via this site’s Contact page. Perhaps most importantly, I need to place some serious focus on future works, especially the sequel to Mystical Greenwood. A number of reviewers have expressed their interest in finding out what happens in the next book, so I have to get on that so they will not be waiting forever! Here’s hoping for a good year with good memories and prolific writing!

39 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year, Andrew. I hope 2020 will prove to be a good year for you. I occasionally find errors in my books too and it drives me crazy as about 5 people read them before they are published including a professional editor. There is no perfection in life.

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  2. Go, Andrew! You’ve got this. 👍😁

    Even my primary editor told me that it’s impossible to know if a book is perfectly edited, as that idea of perfection is unknown. I got pretty discouraged by it as well and even found a small “oopsie” (to use the professional term) after two editors had gone through my novel. It has to do with a window that was fixed but still was boarded up later on on the story. Not sure anyone has noticed yet l, but I already have “explanations” formulated. Best of luck to you!

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  3. A very happy new year to you too, Andrew! I came across a typo in my recent release, there are probably more, but I’d been through it so carefully, having corrected this one, I desisted from reading through the whole thing again because it leads into unpleasant territory of questioning far too much! Nothing is perfect and some of these replies prove that to be the case – if professional editors and proofreaders can make mistakes, so can we. Good luck with your ongoing marketing and the writing of the sequel, another writers skill in itself. Best wishes from me!

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  4. Wonderful!! It’s good to learn from our previous works as we can only improve from there! I am so happy and excited for you, and one who is waiting for the sequel!! I did check your appearances to see if you were coming to upstate NY at all, but you’re not yet. Perhaps in the future? I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors this year! I anticipate good things for (and from) you!

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  5. Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your resolutions with us at the Go Dog Go Cafe today. Would you be interested in a guest post/appearance there sometime this year? Shoot me a note or one to Christine at Brave and Reckless. Would love to make something happen!

    S Francis

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