Interview with author Andrew McDowell

This is my second guest appearance on Ari Meghlen’s blog. Many thanks again to Ari for this opportunity, and if you’re a writer looking to do an interview, I highly recommend her site.

Author Ari Meghlen Official Website

Today I welcome back author and good friend of mine, Andrew McDowell who has shared his advice with us before.  Today he agreed to do an author interview.  Check out his answers below 🙂

Interview with author Andrew McDowell.  Image:  Speechbubbles

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14 thoughts on “Interview with author Andrew McDowell

  1. I nominated for you a Liebster Award on my blog. You can find the rules and questions to answer there if you’re interested. I didn’t realize WordPress doesn’t have a tag function so I’m telling people individually. Thanks. ☺️

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  2. This is excellent. Our Contributing Barista Amanda did poet interviews, and with a twitter follower and now this, it seems we have a trend… perhaps there is a way we can incorporate something along these lines at the Go Dog Go Cafe… a Spring project maybe? Hmmm… interested?


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