The Underground Library Society

Many thanks to author and blogger Charles F. French for this opportunity, inspired by the Book People in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, where I discuss one of my favorite classic stories—why it’s so special to me, and why I believe it’s worth preserving.

Let me say it was a tough decision, for there are many good books out there worth preserving. But when it came down to it—thinking of a classic story I’ve always come back to (in this case every December) and which is special to me—in the end I knew what my choice would be.

A New Addition to the U.L.S., The Underground Library Society: Andrew McDowell and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

If anyone else might be interested in joining and posting about a book that you would choose to become in a world like the one Bradbury envisaged, please consider it!


22 thoughts on “The Underground Library Society

  1. A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite stories, Andrew! Never read Fahrenheit 451, but I’ve heard it’s good! Cheers and thanks for sharing your pick!

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  2. I loved your choice of A Christmas Carol, and the article you wrote was just great! This book is also a favorite of mine and I too read it every December (or listen to it). I like all the movie versions, even the ones that Carol purists hate! But I’m a huge Muppets fan, so I’ll say that one is my favorite. The story means a lot to me as a Christian because it highlights to me that God deals with us in grace, but there is a “use by date”. We aren’t afforded a three ghost chance! Thanks, Andrew, for your choice. Good luck with your memorization of the book (just kidding!)

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  3. Well done, Andrew! This is one of my favorites as well. I started a tradition with myself a few years ago to try and read The Christmas Carol every December/Christmas. When you said it’s a story about redemption, I think you really summed it up perfectly. Take care.

    P.S.–I ordered a DVD copy of The Muppets Christmas Carol last year and watched it about twenty times in a row. I think I about have it memorized. I love Bean Bunny’s parts.

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