Mystical Greenwood

Book I of the One with Nature series!

Genre: Young Adult Epic/High Fantasy

Publisher: Fae Corps Publishing (Mockingbird Lane Press previously)

Dermot is a fifteen-year-old boy in the kingdom of Denú. He has always longed for more in life. Then everything changes after he sees a gryphon and crosses paths with a reclusive healer.

Soon, he and his brother Brian have no choice but to leave their home. They embark on a journey through many forests. They meet an old man and unicorns, witness an important birth, and must evade fire-breathing dragons and dark-armored soldiers that serve an evil sorcerer determined to subjugate Denú.

A legendary coven must now return after years in hiding. Dermot and Brian slowly realize there is something deeper among the trees and creatures, but is there also something more about themselves? Can they protect those they love, or will all Denú be consumed by darkness?

The 2nd edition is available in paperback and eBook (including Kindle and Nook). A hardcover is available through Barnes & Noble.

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