Mystical Greenwood

Book I of the One with Nature series

Genre: Young Adult Epic/High Fantasy

Publisher: Fae Corps Publishing (Mockingbird Lane Press, previously)

Dermot is a fifteen-year-old boy living in the land of Denú who has always longed for something more in life. His life changes when he encounters a gryphon and a mysterious healer. Drawn into a conflict against one determined to subjugate the kingdom, Dermot and his brother Brian are forced to leave their home.

A legendary coven must now reunite, for they are Denú’s greatest hope. In the course of meeting unicorns, and fighting dragons and men in dark armor, Dermot discovers a deep, sacred magic that exists within every greenwood he crosses through, but his own role in this conflict is greater than he suspects. Can he protect those he loves, or will all that’s good be consumed by darkness?

The 2nd edition is available in paperback and eBook (including Kindle and Nook). A hardcover is available through Barnes & Noble.

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