Brain to Bookshelf Conference 2021

The Maryland Writers’ Association hosts a writers’ conference every year, except, of course, last year’s conference was cancelled due to the COVID shutdown. Normally held in March, they were able to host this one this past weekend. The main takeaway for me was being able to see a number of friends I hadn’t seen in so long, including authors A. L. Kaplan, Meg Eden, and Michele Chynoweth, and be in a familiar setting in person again, not unlike how it was when my critique group started to meet in person again a few months ago in our familiar haunt (no pun intended).

There were a number of interesting presentations from authors, including Jane Friedman, Mary Tilghman, Andrea Johnson, Edward McSweegan, Susan Moger, and Harrison Demchick, and I learned more about Balticon. I met a number of new people, and I was able to sell a few books! But there were some hard lessons I had to re-learn. When it comes to attending events such as this, pre-planning is vital. This was something I didn’t fully take into account that morning. I didn’t manage my time and drive well, and I made it there just in time to hear the first talk. What’s more, even though I signed up for both days, I didn’t realize until too late (shortly before the conference) that I had doubled-booked Sunday and couldn’t attend the second day. Still, I had a good time for the day I was there.

We’ll see what happens next year. I know now to remember to plan better in a number of ways. I guess I just had to get back into the rhythm of things. Maybe next time, if I can think of a new writing-related presentation, I can give it then. It is time to think up some new topics for presentation.

Speaking of presentations, I’ll discussing the importance of names for the third time next month on the 13th at 2pm Eastern Time. I hope to see you there! See my events page for the registration link.


29 thoughts on “Brain to Bookshelf Conference 2021

  1. That’s great you were able to attend an in-person conference. Coincidentally, my state writers’ association cancelled their 2021 conference scheduled for October 23. It was to be a Zoom event, and people didn’t want to go.

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  2. It’s so great to get back into the saddle, Andrew. It’s a brand new world we’re entering, so cut yourself some slack and go with the flow. Things will get better for us. Cheers, my friend!


  3. Andrew, Thank you for sharing your experience at the Conference. There is so much going on and so many interesting speakers, it can become overwhelming. Your presentation on the importance of names is one of my favorites. Happy writing.

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  4. Glad you had a good time, what a shame about the double booking. I’ve never been to an event like this, I’d love to learn more about how one would prepare for it to make the best of the day.

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