Watch my talk on the importance of names for characters, settings, and things at the Annapolis Chapter of the MWA if you haven’t yet:

This was my first talk geared specifically towards writers. I had a wonderful turnout that evening, and I’ve been informed that some of those who attended used what they learned in their own writing.

Here’s the handout from the event:

Importance of Names Handout

Do elements of my talk sound familiar? Read these old blog posts from which it draws upon:

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The Importance of Names (Video)

17 thoughts on “The Importance of Names (Video)

  1. It’s interesting how you brought the idea of the importance of names….(just like dialogues, right, we just don’t just write them! They all have a purpose! Either to reveal backstories or to move the story-forward…….)

    I literary started changing the names of my own characters because (without knowing the reason) I thought the names had to be meaningful! And listening to tour speech made me stop to think!! Thanks so much for posting!

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