I’m very happy to reveal the cover art for Mystical Greenwood! Many thanks to Jamie Johnson of Mockingbird Lane Press for her excellent design!

I’m also delighted to announce it will be available before long on Deviant Art, where items can then be purchased with the cover art on them!

The cover art is sadly the property of the publisher and can no longer be displayed on this site, as the publisher has had to shut down. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Cover Art: Mystical Greenwood

6 thoughts on “Cover Art: Mystical Greenwood

  1. Very cool !

    Did you know that there are companies that do custom t-shirts ? I just used two. Both allow art to be uploaded. Their names were CafePres and Idakoos. I think CafePress even offers a marketplace for art, as well as things like coffee cups.

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